Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps for Smart Phones in US

Smart phones have changed the life of individual and had become an elementary device for the human beings. People are more concerned about the model they hold, the outlook of the device also how far it scales etc... Main purpose for a smart phone is the ease of accessing information.

From entertainment to route searching, all the details are accessed just through installing an app., starting from restaurant any information at any place can be found easily through installing an app. People feel more comfortable through smart phone, its compactness attract the people.

It is found in a survey that around 75% of the people in US owns a smartphone. There are many apps available for smart phone users. Here are the Top 10 apps for smart phone users.

Image : Most Downloaded Apps for Smart Phones in US
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·       Facebook, social networking for connecting people. This is app is the world famous for people who loves chatting. It is purely for building up social relationship and to connect the people of various places. In a survey it is found that 76% of the US people own this app. It is the best owed app for smart phone users.

·       Twitter, this is the next popular app for US people. Almost all the smartphones are installed with this app. People of US are always more concerned with social networking and hence this adds essence to their usage.

·       Tumblr is also social networking app owned by yahoo Inc. This is also the popularly installed app in US smart phones. This app more popular in US and most of the population own this app.

·       LinkedIn is yet another social networking app for the business people. This app is used mainly by business people and other professionals who share their ideas and views. Moreover this can be said as professional site where many professional people get connected.

·       Pinterest is completely different from previously mentioned app. This allows the users to create images, theme based image and other images of memorable events. It is a photo sharing app for people who love to collect images and share.

·       Google Maps is yet another important app for those people who love travelling. This is the best app for finding routes around the entire globe, this works with GSM, which captures the current location of the device and hence finds the route of the destined place.

·       Instagram is photo sharing app that allows one to share their photos via social networks. This app is used by people who have more interest in sharing their photos within their circle. This app allows the users to take their photo, video and also let to apply digital filters which improve the picture quality. Finally these images can also be shared among people with the help of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc…

·       Foursquare is a location based social networking, that is people use this app and locate the places they need and also connect the people. The device uses the GSM network with which the user’s location is being traced and hence the current location will be tracked easily.

·       Yahoo weather widget most useful app for finding out the weather conditions in and around the country.

·       G+ this is in bottom most priority, as preferred by the people. This is also yet another social networking for people. Which is owned by Google, since people find more convenient with Facebook, Twitter this takes up lower priority but also there are people who use G+ for their social communications.

Above mentioned are the top 10 smart phones app which people install to enjoy the benefits. Hence, these apps with a smartphone bring the people together and helps to stay connected.  


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