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    YouTube video freaks need to read this. In an announcement made yesterday, YouTube said that it is starting a new comment platform which will be powered by Google+, the company’s very own social networking tool.

Apax Partners buys GlobalLogic for 420 Million

Private Equity giant Apax Partners has acquired GlobalLogic Company, an IT outsourcing firm founded by four IITians Students, for $420 million, making it the largest India exit deal for a clutch of venture capitalists this year.

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Just 2 years ago, it backed iGate Corp to buyout Patni Computer for $1.2 billion. GlobalLogic, founded by Rajul Garg, Sanjay, Manoj Agarwala and Tarun Upadhyay, strives with Symphony Technology and Persistent Sys in the outsourced product development and development space

GlobalLogic, which has a typical fusion business pursued by Indian tech tycoons, with large development centres in India. It is one of the leaders in outsourced product development sector. "This is an developing sector which we were intense to invest in," Shashank, MD, Apax Partners declined to comment on financial details.

The Ad-Free Instagram Days Are About to Come to an End

Over the past three years we have watched with amazement as Instagram has grown into a global community of more than 150 million people capturing and sharing the moments. Instagram is a place where people come to connect and be inspired with every product we build is keeping it this way.

The add-free Instagram days are about to come to an end. Instagram announced on Thursday that will start rolling out ads in the next “couple of months”. Instagram framed the move as part of an effort to turn itself into a “sustainable business”.

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Main aim to advertise is to have natural feel with Instagram as the photos and videos. It says “after all, our team doesn’t just build Instagram, we use it each and every day”. The advertisements should be creative in such a way that it is engaging, high-quality ads while flipping through favourite magazines.

In the next couple of months, one may begin seeing an occasional ad in Instagram feed if one is in United States, “the company wrote in a blog post. “Seeing photos and videos from brands you don’t follow will be new, so we will start slow”.

Instagram also tried to put users at ease by noting they would have to control over what ads they see. “If you see an ad you don’t like, you will be able to hide it and provide feedback about what didn’t feel right,” the company wrote.

Finally, it also added that “we are relying on your input to help us continually improve the Instagram experience”.

Google Plus No Longer Accepting Page Verification Requests

In this fast growing world people are concerned and show more interest over social networks. When it comes to entertainment it is always social networking. People spend most of their time in social networking sites.

Google Plus helps to connect the people together. It also provides Google with information that we can use to help determine the relevancy of one’s site to a user query on Google search. Google Plus has a verification process where in people activate the settings and can receive the code. Google Plus benefits the people by connecting with friends and also they provide maximum security of one’s personal information.

Recently in the middle of last month, Google quietly shut down the Google Plus page verification request process. Previously, page administration with at least 1,000 followers could complete a short form and receive official page verification, which included a shiny checkmark badge next to the brand name.

It is unknown what it will take to verify a Google+ brand page, which is a shame for social marketers considering all of the benefits of having a verified page. Administrators of Google local pages, which have been integrated with Google+ for quite some time now, can still verify their address by requesting PIN# by snail mail.

Google + is also a social network which aims to connect the people together. It is similar to Facebook and Twitter which helps to stay connected. Google + lets the users to add people to their circle and there by expanding the circle.


Is It Advisable To Apply For The Job That Does Not Match Our Profile?

Normally when we are searching for jobs through online, we rely greatly upon social networking sites such Facebook, LinkedIn and other Job Portals. 

Those companies may place criteria on the total percentage, year of pass out if they are looking for a fresher. On the other hand, when they look for experienced candidates they may look for one with more than 7 years of experience and experience in managing team members and possess the academic qualifications. If that criterion does not match our profile then most of them would probably ignore that position as such. In such case, is that advisable to apply for that position..?

Image : Looking For a Job

Should One Apply For Those Positions?
Companies normally specify these criteria’s to reduce the number of candidates being interviewed. If one is under qualified, he would normally not apply for that position. Experts feel that the candidates must not ignore that position as such. Because there is, none who completely matches the criteria’s placed. Those who are currently working in the organization for that position will not definitely match the skills specified perfectly. So one need not consider those while applying for jobs of that kind.

On the other hand, if the persons’ profile differs greatly from the specifications of that company then in such case the candidate must make a study on the roles and responsibilities of the position he applies for. Because if he possess the skills mentioned but officially, his experience may be less, in those situations he can confidently apply for the position.

But the way he makes approach must differ. The candidate must personally meet the senior most employee of the organization and explain his skills. If they find him suitable then he might have chances to join that firm.

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Prove Your Skills
No one would miss the chance of getting into the dream Organization. During interview if the interviewer questions on the skills related to the position applied, the candidate must try to somehow convince the interviewer by explaining his talents even if he has not experienced it directly. For e.g. if the interviewer asks on how well he can manage a team of members. For this, it is not necessary that the candidate must have managed a team before he can also describe his experience in organizing the symposiums or any other event in his college days.

The most important thing to be kept in mind to attract the interviewer is he has to prove his skills rather than boasting it. For instance, when the interviewer gives a problem and questions on how to handle that then without any delay he must prove his problem solving skills. In addition, one must make use of the social platforms to network with the employees of the firm he looks for. In addition, he must be aware of the upcoming events, Awards and Recognitions received by the company to show his interest for working in that organization.

A New Way To Share Video: Instagram New Video Sharing Service

Instagram an application used for online sharing of Photos, videos and networks which belongs to social services. The particular application is helpful in spreading the pictorial and video graphical information in networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. The special feature of this esteemed application is that it reduces the size of the photograph into the shape of a square similar to the images that we get from an instant and self-developing featured camera. This was designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and released into the market in October 2010. Instagram Now Releases Instagram new video sharing service.

     Image Source : Flickr 

This application provides a great excitement to its user by posting videos and images within very short span of time less than 16sec. Instagram photo sharing application is now used in mobiles to give the users a great experience in sharing images and videos on tips. Now-a-days internet connections has become more speed and easy. Where handsets are provided with advanced technology cameras. In these features the newly introduced video graphic feature is so easy to use for downloading, searching, sharing etc..

Usage of 'Instagram new video sharing service'

Using this Instagram application can take the videos as per our interest and wish. In this application we have an advantage of opening more tabs at time where we perform multiple tasks such as recording and sending that may not take more 15seconds of time.

No other application can competate with this Instagram new video sharing service in attracting any level of people particularly mass.The Instagram became more familiar in very short period due to its fast, easy and chicky features used.A tiny camera icon which is used for videography distinguishes the images from other recordings of video.

   Image : Video Sharing om Instagram
The operating is made so easy in Instagram such that if we want to take a photograph, just click the button that appears on the screen in the next moment we can share this by opening another tab that may not more time for sharing. The disadvantage we in this application is that we can only the info but we cannot upload the info which is in the brain. Initially 3GS iPhone is used for recording videos later Android4.0 app is used. We cannot tag the people but we post a statement to others using their particular identities. 

Instagram new video sharing Service tool has created a massive dent on Twitter’s Vine service app, with analysis showing that the number of links to their social networks fell by nearly half a million the day after Instagram latest app.

 Image : Instagram Vs Vine

 Instagram New Video Sharing Service vs. Vine Service: the data indicates that there were 1,562,022 mentions of Instagram and 935,109 mentions of Vine. This figure also includes retweets and links.

YouTube rolling out new comment system powered by Google+

YouTube video freaks need to read this. In an announcement made yesterday, YouTube said that it is starting a new comment platform which will be powered by Google+, the company’s very own social networking tool. The move comes in at a time when the comments on YouTube have become a synonym for offensive content and spamming, something that Google is completely aware of.

This which will be initially launched on the channel discussion tabs will be slowly extended to all the videos in the coming weeks and months. The feature is unique because it will be able to rank the comments and will also feature private as well as threaded conversations.

     Image Source : Flickr

The current platform for YouTube comments is not so viable for initiating useful discussions on a video among friends, colleagues and anyone else who is following your commentary. Therefore there is no surprise that YouTube is finally putting this old system in the trash for something that at least seems to better than its predecessor.

Regular users may recollect that YouTube had urged its users last year to connect their Google+ plus accounts with their YouTube account with an aim of allowing more users to use their real names. The new system of commenting is believed to be a deeper integration because it will rank comments for every user based on a number of factors.

As revealed by the product manager at YouTube, Nundu Janakiram, the comments of the creator of the video will be surfacing more regularly and ranked higher. Moreover, comments from famous people on YouTube will be pushed up the comment chain, as will be those from the people on your Google+ circles. Voting on the comments will be the same as before and will also have an impact on their ranking.
Users who want to stick to the older system can do so by retaining the recency based view, however, only a fool would do that.

Janakiram added that the team which worked on this project realized that there were many flaws in the current system. However, comments have proved to be an integral part of watching videos on the site. Therefore, the team decided to go ahead with the concept of Youtube comments but no in its existing format.


Image : YouTube Comment System Powered By Google+

With the integration of Google+ with YouTube, it will now be possible to display the comments made on Google+ about a video, on YouTube as well. However, private messages will obviously remain private. The integration also means that YouTube users can begin private conversations with people in their Google+ circles because those YouTube comments will only be seen by the people who are in their circles on Google+.

Interestingly, even after YouTube completely shifts to the new system, it will retain all the old comments which will be mixed with the new YouTube comments that are threaded and ranked.

The integration with Google+ also means that anyone who comments will be revealing his/her identity and this is expected to give rise to more meaningful and fruitful discussions. However, the possibilities for offensive talkers are endless because they can still create a fake account with Google+ to use it as their identity on YouTube.

In addition to this, YouTube is also allowing video owners to create a blacklist with words that automatically push comments into reviews and just like before, they can also have option to block users. As for blocking users, YouTube is making a small but significant change now.

    Image : Option to block users

4 Steps to increase the online visibility of business pages in Facebook

Facebook is the great place for connecting with each other, renewing the contacts, sharing one’s views and exhibiting their creativity and having fun. This platform provides opportunity for business folks to advertize their brands.

Though, other social networks promote marketing in its own way Facebook supports them even more. This enables the business entities to rely greatly upon Facebook for marketing.

To improve its visibility to its targets the marketer has to make some strong stories which triggers up the interest to access to those pages.

Image : Facebook Business Page

Facebook on its part gathers the information regarding the interest of its users based on the pages they visit and advertises those pages frequently using algorithms. However if the page is more innovative it reaches the right people. People must be engaged with the quality posts and there by spreading out the reach.

Facebook supports in expanding the business in an easy way. If a fan likes a page then Facebook provides an option of recommending it to friends. In addition, the recent activity appearing in the newsfeed also helps in promoting those Facebook pages.

The following are the steps to succeed in Business advertising

Creating trendy business Facebook page

The first and the foremost step to be carried out are creating an innovative Facebook page. The page must be attractive and possess quality contents. The post which the be catchy with the website link and it may contain videos on the demo of the product.

Marketers must have a look at all the comments to find the opinion of the people. The timeline must include innovative cover photo and must scattered with positive comments.   The feedbacks of the users must be responded to make it more interactive. Add logo of the brand for identification.

Connecting with the users

The next important step is to achieve maximum number of likes. Every Facebook user will have an average of 50 friends. First, make the fans to like the page and then target their friends and this process continue gradually.

Try to get the email id of the customers and then send them mails mentioning the official Facebook page. Request them to like your pages.

Redesign the website by adding the Facebook link that could be seen prominently.Try to be the top result when searched. Attach the Facebook page URL to each result.Make use of the apps, which would direct to the Facebook page.

Include the link of the official Facebook page in the handouts, visiting cards and receipts.

Create Open Groups and Fan Pages

Creating groups and Fan pages in Facebook will maximize the reach of the brand. The groups and official pages must be filled with offer price and gifts won by the customers. It can also contain the awards and recognition. This will definitely have an impact on the sale. Make sure that none leaves a negative comment in it.

Asking some questions on the brand and conducting the polls frequently will create the awareness of the brand. It is very important to keep the fans engaged by asking those IQ questions.

Facebook Fan pages is better Then Groups Because There is More Activity in Facebook Pages When Compare to Groups

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Include Hashtags

Hashtag is a cool option available in Facebook. Mark your product as a Hashtags that will point out to the official pages and shows the feedback of its users. This will drastically increase the online visibility of the product.

Image : Facebook Hashtags

Above  Steps Will Help you to build a Good Brand in Facebook